Easter Find The Pair 4 Kids

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Easter Find The Pair 4 Kids चे वर्णन

"Easter Find The Pair 4 Kids" is a memory board game designed for children of all ages, babies, preschoolers, school children and pre-teens but adults may also enjoy the game - fun for the whole family!

This educational and entertaining game develops recognition, memorization, concentration and motor skills of your kids.

The game offers two game modes:

• Classic memory game

• Quiz memory game

<b>Classic memory game<b>

Rules are simple: match pairs as quickly and with the fewest mistakes as possible and get rewarded with eggs.

When you collect 4 eggs, you can play the "Find the Easter Egg game".

<b>Quiz memory game<b>

Watch the tiles for a few second and try to memorize them. The tiles turn and hide and you are offered a choice of three tiles to hit.

Can you guess which one hides under the question mark?

<b>Main features of "Easter Find The Pair 4 Kids"<b>

★ Easter theme

★ 5 children songs

★ colourful and vivid HD graphics with nice animations

★ cute background music and sound effects

★ four difficulty levels (baby, easy, medium, hard)

★ clear and simple user interface

★ designed for both, phones and tablets

★ two game modes

★ collect eggs to play the "Find the Easter Egg game"

<b>Find the Easter egg game<b>

After each memory game you are awarded with 0-4 eggs, depending on the playing performance.

If you collect 4 eggs you can play the "Find the Easter Egg game".


You can change the songs by taping the bell on the main screen.

<b>Share the Easter spirit<b>

Please share the Easter spirit by sharing the game - tap the Sun on this screen or the main screen.

Thank you!

Happy Easter!

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